Misdemeanors: Know Your Rights

Criminal charges always have the potential to disrupt our lives. While felony convictions can end up with someone facing a long stretch in prison, even misdemeanor charges — what some people might think of as minor offenses — are not to be taken lightly. Fines, jail time and restitution are all possibilities for someone convicted of a misdemeanor offense in CT.

The Hartford law firm of Brignole, Bush and Lewis, LLC, is one of the premier trial law firms in the state. Our record of excellence in defending criminal charges of all sorts has served our clients well, and we are extremely capable of mounting a misdemeanor defense strategy that can benefit you.

Lesser Charges Are Still Serious

It goes without saying that misdemeanor charges are not as severe as their felony counterparts. However, the potential penalties are far from a mere slap on the wrist. High-level misdemeanors can incur penalties not much different from felony convictions. Working with veteran criminal defense lawyers can often help to mitigate the situation.

Misdemeanors could include such charges as:

  • Theft or shoplifting, particularly when the value of the items in question is relatively small
  • Minor drug charges, such as simple possession of marijuana
  • Some traffic violations that are more serious than simple moving violations, but less serious than felony charges

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