Experienced Connecticut Family Law Attorneys

When you go through a divorce — or deal with any other kind of family law issue — you need to be sure you have reliable legal advice on your side. In CT, that means working with the law firm of Brignole, Bush and Lewis, LLC. Our attorneys have decades of legal experience and are vigorous advocates for our clients. As trial lawyers, we have won numerous accolades, and we do not hesitate to litigate a case when it would be beneficial for our clients.

Family law encompasses a variety of matters. Some are directly related to divorce, while others such as child custody and visitation, paternity, and child support can arise when people have children out of wedlock. The legal issues surrounding these cases and the agreements reached and/or court orders obtained can impact people's lives for years and years. Whatever the situation, we can help.

Understand The Future Impact Of Your Choices Now

Because there is so much at stake in a divorce, custody or visitation case, it is crucial to make informed, sound decisions that you are willing to abide by for years to come. You and your attorney have influence on the outcome of your family law case, including:

  • Child custody arrangements and an overall parenting plan agreement
  • Child support payments and terms
  • Property division, including marital assets such as real estate, including the family home and vacation property
  • Spousal support, popularly known as alimony

In addition, some issues may not arise until years after a divorce, such as the modification or enforcement of post-judgment orders regarding spousal support or child support.

Prenuptial Agreements (Pre-Marriage Contracts)

If you are preparing to get married and you have acquired assets that you feel should be protected in the event of a divorce, then you should learn about your legal rights relative to prenuptial agreements. The law firm of Brignole, Bush and Lewis can advise you and prepare a contract that protects you in the future.

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