Have You Been Injured By A Drunk Driver?

Our highways and streets can be dangerous places, even under ideal conditions. However, when a driver on the road has consumed alcohol or drugs, that danger can be magnified. Drunk driving accidents may cause more severe injuries and damages because drivers who have been drinking may be considerably reckless — swerving in and out of traffic, speeding excessively and otherwise being a hazard on the road. Drunk driving accidents also provide an opportunity to seek punitive or enhanced damages for the victims.

At the law firm of Brignole, Bush and Lewis, LLC, in Hartford, CT, our experienced personal injury attorneys have handled many auto accident cases on behalf of DUI/DWI victims. We know how serious these injuries can be and how they can affect not just the life of the victim, but the victim's family as well. People rely on our lawyers to help them pursue the compensation they may be entitled to as a result of a drunk driving accident.

We'll Stand Up For You

When you are seriously injured in an accident, you have a lot to worry about. Aside from recovering physically, which could require a long hospital stay and/or follow-up treatment, you may face large medical bills not covered by your insurance — as well as missed time at work that could put a financial strain on you and your family. Our attorneys will also protect your legal rights in any criminal proceeding that are brought against the drunk driver.

Our attorneys are strong advocates for you and your family. We know that you have a lot to concentrate on in terms of your recovery from injury. We'll take a tough stand with the insurance companies and the at-fault driver so you can devote your time and attention to getting better.

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