Injured Pedestrians Need To Have A Voice

The site of an injury-causing accident is not always a busy road or an interstate highway. A calm, quiet street in any neighborhood in CT could be the scene of a serious motor vehicle accident. A driver who is out of control, inattentive or otherwise negligent could do a great deal of harm to an unsuspecting motorist or, often more critically, a pedestrian.

At Brignole, Bush and Lewis, LLC, one of CT's premier personal injury law firms, we understand the life-changing consequences of a pedestrian accident for someone who is injured. Our Hartford attorneys fight for the rights of people who could face a long and arduous recovery from their injuries.

When You Need Help, Turn To Our Lawyers

Injuries such as broken bones and traumatic brain injuries are not uncommon to pedestrians who have been injured in car or truck accidents. While many factors may go into causing an accident, some more frequently seen ones often include:

  • Drivers who have been drinking. Even if someone's blood-alcohol concentration does not meet or exceed the legal limit, drinking even one drink can slow down reaction time and make an accident more likely.
  • Drivers who are intentionally reckless, such as those who are speeding through a residential neighborhood or racing with other motorists. This could include drivers whose attention is compromised by using a cellphone.
  • Drivers who suffer a medical emergency, or elderly drivers who make preventable errors, such as pressing the accelerator pedal instead of the brakes.

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