Handling Wrongful Death Cases With Respect

A fatality arising out of a car accident, a truck crash or some other kind of serious accident can have serious repercussions for surviving family members. The impact of a fatal accident never goes away for that person's loved ones.

No parent, child, husband or wife can truly be prepared for the news that a beloved family member has been the victim of a fatal accident. At the Hartford law firm of Brignole, Bush and Lewis, LLC, we are extremely sensitive to the emotions that grieving family members face at the death of a loved one. CT families appreciate our level of personal service at their time of need, and our attorneys proudly represent the survivors of fatal accident victims in wrongful death cases.

We Fight Hard For Your Family

Our lawyers understand that a family member's death has ramifications beyond the immediate loss. Someone whose life ends too early is also unable to provide love and companionship for a spouse, parental guidance to a child and a lifetime of earning a salary. These are scenarios that will have an impact long into the future.

The personal injury attorneys at Brignole, Bush and Lewis, LLC, take these factors into account when working with families on wrongful death cases. They take up the cause of their clients as if it were their own, using decades of legal experience and skills to push for the compensation the families of those who have been lost are entitled to receive. We are experienced in calculating the value of the victim's life time earning capacity and pursuing loss of consortium and companionship claims.

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