Assigning liability following a drunk driving crash

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The dangers of drunk driving are known to motorists in Connecticut and elsewhere; however, this does not eliminate drunk driving from occurring on the roadways. A drunk driver creates many risks for other travelers and passengers, which could result in a serious or even fatal collision. While those impacted by a drunk driving crash could hold a drunk driver accountable for the harm and damages caused, it should be noted that liability for a drunk driving accident can extend beyond just the drunk driver that caused the crash.

Drunk driving accident

A drunk driver can be the cause of a travesty on the roadways. This is what recently occurred when a drunk driver lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a pole. The motorist survived the collision; however, the 22-year-old passenger suffered serious injuries, leaving him in a vegetative state. The 20-year-old driver of the vehicle was charged with assault, drunk driving and reckless driving.

Now, the passenger’s parents are taking legal action to place accountability on any and all parties that contributed the to the accident that led to the traumatic brain injury their son suffered. Based on reports, the parents of the victim are suing the driver, the driver’s father, the father’s business and the restaurant that served the driver her was under the age of 21.

Civil action following drunk driving accident

Through a civil action, the family of the victim seeks to hold various parties responsible for the harms suffered by their son that will now require around the clock care. With regards to the restaurant that served both of the young men, it is purported that while at an all you can drink champagne brunch, the restaurant never checked the ID of the driver and also continued to serve him despite showing clear signs of intoxication. The family seems $20 million in damages from the parties they named responsible for the accident.

When a loved one suffers greatly due to a drunk driver, it is important to know that legal action could be taken. While this cannot undo the harm done, and it can offset it. A personal injury action could help assign liability and assist with the recovery of a compensation award.