Hardworking Attorneys Who Have Your Back

Choosing a criminal defense lawyer is not an easy decision. When your back is against the wall, you need to know that you can depend on a law firm that will stand by you, no matter the circumstances. We take that responsibility very seriously at Brignole, Bush & Lewis in Hartford, Connecticut. We know our clients’ freedom and liberty can be on the line in a criminal matter, and our lawyers take that burden to the heart.

What makes a good criminal law attorney? Dedication, experience and the ability to truly listen are at the top of the list – qualities our lawyers exhibit on a daily basis. Our many successes over the years have won us numerous awards, including selection for the Personal Injury Hall of Fame of the Connecticut Law Tribune. Yet, our greatest rewards are our many clients’ favorable outcomes.

Regardless Of Your Situation, You Can Look To Us For Support

At our practice, we work with people charged with a variety of criminal offenses, including:

  • DUI/DWI defense, including underage DUI and boating while intoxicated cases
  • Other types of motor vehicle infractions
  • Negligent homicide with a motor vehicle
  • Drug crimes, including possession and sale of drugs, and drug trafficking
  • Theft crimes, including shoplifting, larceny and burglary
  • Violent crimes, such as assault and sexual assault
  • Juvenile crimes, such as underage drinking, drug charges, and fights or disputes
  • Domestic violence charges, including alleged harassment or stalking
  • Weapons charges, including those related to illegal hunting

All criminal cases are different from one another, and we will treat your case with the individual attention it deserves. We know that in order to be good attorneys, we need to listen to our clients’ needs so we know how best to approach each case.

Contact us for a free consultation regarding your criminal case. Call us at our offices at 860-856-8361, or email us your contact information.