Probate Litigation Can Get Messy

When a loved one passes away, settling the estate can be complicated. While preemptive estate planning can eliminate much of the ambiguity, even wills that appear to be solidly written might be open to interpretation or dispute.

Beneficiaries who wish to lodge a will contest for various reasons can end up lengthening the estate settlement process. Having a lawyer on your side who can help to address these claims in a timely matter can expedite the process for everyone involved.

The attorneys at Brignole, Bush & Lewis represent people in Connecticut who need to get involved in probate litigation matters. Our award-winning law firm has been recognized for excellence by many professional organizations, such as The National Trial Lawyers.

Rely On Our Experience In Probate Litigation

People who wish to dispute the instructions laid out in a will may do so for various reasons. One possible reason is that the testator — the person who has made the will – was under undue influence at the time the will was written. This could be in the form of a nonfamily member who has gained the trust of an elderly, ailing or otherwise vulnerable person and used that influence to rewrite the will to benefit him or herself – who may be all but unknown to the testator’s relatives.

Another potential sticking point could be the existence of multiple wills. If a will is on file with an attorney, for example, but a more recent handwritten will is discovered among the deceased person’s belongings, there could be a legal conflict to determine which one is valid and reflects the person’s true intentions.

Proceed With Probate And Overcome Disputes If Necessary

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