Measures drivers can take to help keep motorcyclists safe

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2020 | Motor vehicle accidents |

Motorcycle accidents can have devastating consequences for victims. For that reason, it is important for drivers sharing the roadways with motorcycles to do their part to keep them safe. There are several ways that drivers can help protect motorcycles riders on the roadways.

Motorcycle riders can be in a uniquely vulnerable position on the roadways because they are without the protection of a vehicle surrounding them and are smaller visual targets for drivers to spot. Drivers can help keep them safe by remembering to:

Increase following distance

Drivers of passenger vehicles and other types of vehicles should remember to increase their following distance when traveling behind a motorcycle. Motorcyclists need more time to respond to changes in the roadway, traffic and weather conditions so increasing following distance helps them safely do that when needed.

Never share a lane with a motorcycle

For similar reasons, drivers of passenger and other vehicles should not attempt to share a lane with motorcycles and should give them the complete lane of traffic they are traveling in.

Stay alert for motorcycles

The majority of motorcycle accidents occur at intersections and the primary reason for motorcycle accidents when a driver of a passenger vehicle is at fault is that the driver failed to yield the right of way to the motorcyclist. Drivers should continually scan the roadway for motorcycles and remain alert and attentive. In addition, drivers should be acutely focused at intersections or when making a left-hand turn for the presence of a motorcycle.

Drivers can help to keep motorcycle riders safe by following these simple safety tips. When a negligent driver has been careless, on the other hand, and injures a motorcycle accident victim, personal injury legal protections protect victims and can help them with their physical, financial and emotional damages which is an option victims should be familiar with.