Motorcycle and SUV auto accident in New London

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2020 | Motor vehicle accidents |

Most people know that driving can be dangerous for everyone on the road, but this is particularly true for motorcyclist. Motorcycle accidents usually have a greater risk of injury (or death) because motorcycle drivers have very little protection from impacts. And, to add to this danger, because they are much smaller, vehicles often have a harder time seeing motorcycles on the road. Unfortunately, this may have been the case in a Monday afternoon motorcycle accident.

The accident

According to the New London Police Department, the motorcycle accident occurred shortly before 1:30 p.m. at Ledyard Street and Broad Street. NLPD has not released the details of the accident, but an SUV impacted a motorcycle, severely injuring the motorcycle driver. As a result of these injuries, the motorcyclist was taken to nearby, Lawrence + Memorial Hospital.

The investigation into this accident is ongoing. As such, witnesses and those who may have dashboard camera footage are encouraged to contact NLPD immediately.

The aftermath

Of course, Hartford residents do not know the details of this accident yet, and the at-fault driver could be either the motorcyclist or SUV driver. However, regardless of who is at fault, both parties should contact a lawyer immediately. These third-parties can do an investigation into who is likely at fault and provide advice for how to proceed.

For the victims of another’s negligence though, the law has options. Specifically, Connecticut law allows accident victims to sue negligent drivers in a personal injury lawsuit for their damages and pain and suffering. This includes doctor bills, vehicle damage, etc.