Health concerns reduced traffic volume, but auto accidents rose

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In Connecticut, auto accidents can happen for many reasons and be linked to a variety of outside issues. For example, drivers who are under the influence, distracted, drowsy or reckless can cause crashes with injuries and fatalities. Environmental factors and circumstances can also play a major role in accident frequency and how they occur. In 2020, there has been an ongoing national health issue that has fundamentally altered the number of people on the road. That, however, has had a surprising effect on safety. People who have been in a collision with injuries and death should be aware of those changes.

Road fatalities in Connecticut have increased during health crisis

While people might have been under the impression that the ongoing health crisis and subsequent reduction in traffic volume might have reduced the number of road deaths in the state, the statistics show otherwise. After the stay at home order was made, schools used distance learning and people worked from home. With that, the number of miles traveled reduced by more than 40%. Researchers recently published a report in a medical journal saying that from the end of March through April, single-vehicle accidents multiplied by four.

There were fewer vehicles on the road, law enforcement was limited and drivers took the opportunity to drive at excessive speed. Speeding is a common catalyst for accidents. By May, there were 25 more road deaths in 2020 (87) than by the same point in 2019 (62). Across the nation, drivers have been found to drive at excessive speed because of fewer vehicles on the road. All drivers, motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians should understand the ramifications of lower traffic volume as risky driving behaviors can be exacerbated and lead to an accident spike.

A legal filing can be important after a crash

Among the many challenges that can come about after an auto collision are hospitalizations, medical care, rehabilitation, the need for long-term assistance and the accompanying medical costs. In addition, a person could have problems getting back to work and be unable to contribute to a family as before. When there is a fatality, those left behind must try to cope with the unexpected loss, pay funeral expenses and address an uncertain future. Regardless of the cause of the accident whether it was speeding, texting and driving or drunk driving, it is important to gather evidence for a possible claim. A consultation with an experienced legal professional who understands auto accidents may be able to help.