How alcohol impacts drivers

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Drunk driving and its dangers are taught to school-aged children in Connecticut and throughout the nation. The goal of these initiatives is to instill in children the understanding that alcohol and vehicles do not mix so that when they are able to driver, the kids do not engage in the dangerous practice. Though many individuals take these important lessons with them into adulthood, not all drivers follow this important lesson.

Alcohol changes they way the body works and that directly impacts how a person drives. This post will look at how alcohol interacts with the body and what impact it can have on a person’s ability to operate a motor vehicle. The information contained herein is not legal or medical advice.

The impact of alcohol on the human body

Alcohol can change how many parts of the body work, but none is more impacted than the brain. Alcohol changes how the brain works and can alter how a person reacts, thinks, and moves. A person with alcohol in their system may move slowly, react inappropriately, and think unclearly about their driving actions.

Another way alcohol can impact the ability to drive is through altering a person’s vision. Blurred vision can be a side effect of consuming alcohol, and impacted vision can cause drivers to miss important hazards on the roads.

When a person drinks alcohol, they may not be able to see, react, or think about their actions. Those deficiencies can put them and others around them on the roads in danger. When they cause accidents, their victims can suffer greatly.

What to do after a drunk driving accident

After an accident with a drunk driver, a victim may not know what to do. They may have injuries and medical bills, a damaged vehicle and the inability to work. They may not know what rights they have and what options they can pursue to get back on their feet.

A consultation with a personal injury attorney can be a good first step for a person recovering from an accident with a drunk driver. A legal professional can advise a victim on what steps they can take to pursue their losses and become whole once again.