Motorcyclist in Connecticut suffers severe injuries

On Behalf of | May 3, 2021 | Motor vehicle accidents |

A motorcyclist traveling in Clinton suffered injuries which Connecticut officials called life-threatening. He was flown to a nearby hospital after the motorcycle accident.

The accident involved the motorcycle and a full-sized car. Police said it happened at an intersection in the daylight hours.

Police are continuing to investigate the accident and have asked members of the public to come forward should they have any information about the wreck. The victim’s current condition was not stated.

Drivers need to be cautious around motorcyclists at intersections

While there is much to learn about what caused this accident, statistically, intersections are dangerous places for motorcyclists. Over 4 out of 10 fatal motorcycle accidents happen at intersections. In particular, motorcyclists are prone to being cut off by a vehicle that is turning left.

The reason this happens so often is that motorcycles are difficult to see. Moreover, many drivers just have not trained themselves to be aware of motorcycles, meaning they are less likely to notice them. Finally, even when drivers do see oncoming motorcycles, they may misjudge their speed and distance and still turn in front of them.

Drivers have an obligation to watch out for motorcyclists when they are at intersections. At the most basic level, they need to follow all traffic laws. They should also avoid drunk, distracted or drowsy driving, as all of these dangerous habits can lead to a collision at an intersection.

Moreover, they need to slow down their vehicles and also be deliberate about making decisions. They should also make sure to double check any blind spots, blind corners and the like before proceeding through an intersection.

When Connecticut drivers fail to meet these responsibilities, motorcyclists get serious hurt or die. Victims of careless drivers do have legal options to recover compensation.