TBI study brightens the picture for veterans and public

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Veterans, by the nature of their duties, expose themselves to situations where an unexpected event, such as a blow to the head, could result in a debilitating condition known as Traumatic brain injury. Symptoms of the injury ─ often concurrent with posttraumatic stress disorder ─ include cognitive and memory impairment, interrupted sleep and depression, among others.

Recent study with veterans shows the promise of Morning Bright Light Therapy

A recent study shed new light on an additional treatment for those suffering from TBI. A treatment known as Morning Bright Light Therapy improved physical and mental symptoms for participants. Participants who received both the common treatment, cognitive therapy, and MBLT reported improved physical and mental health.

The study honed in on the reciprocal relationship between cognitive function and sleep disruption, and tested the use of MBLT to improve sleep, and thus, cognitive function. Between the control group and group with 60 minutes of MBLT within 2 hours of waking, the latter had improved sleep, less symptoms of depression, cognitive function and neuropsychiatric trauma symptoms.

Treatments for TBI are always evolving

The recent study highlights only one of many areas of research into the treatment of TBI. Such injuries, of course, are not limited to those who served in the armed forces – they can result from events like car accidents, slip-and-fall accidents, work incidents and more.

The long-term conditions associated with TBI negatively impact one’s quality of life. The injury, unfortunately, can strike anyone at almost any time. Although the impact can be severe, there is hope in the form of current treatments as well as those in development for the future.

Extended medical care is often required to treat TBI, which can be costly – but those injured may not need to carry the financial burden. Where the injury is a result of another’s negligence, damages obtained through a successful lawsuit can help to offset some of the financial burden and alleviate the psychological concern the debt incurred from TBI may engender.