Motorcycle rider killed in Litchfield crash

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2021 | Motor vehicle accidents |

An afternoon motorcycle ride took a fatal turn in Litchfield. The victim, a 32-year-old Thomaston resident, was riding his motorcycle in the northbound lane of Old Northfield Road near Main Street when the car in front of him began to turn.

Per news reports, the victim was unable to stop in time and struck the side of the turning car. He was flung from his bike into the back of a mowing trailer. He was found dead at the scene, according to police. The other driver, who was uninjured, was a resident of Northfield, a village in Litchfield.

Negligence has consequences

Coming to terms with a serious motor vehicle accident is never easy, especially if you suffered injuries. However, acceptance is all the more difficult if the accident was caused by negligence.

Thankfully, the wrongfully injured have rights under Connecticut law. They can file a personal injury lawsuit against those responsible. If the suit is successful, they may be granted a significant financial award known as damages.

Damages cover the losses sustained by the victim because of the accident, such as medical bills, lost wages, and loss of future wages. They may also address pain and suffering, mental trauma, and loss of consortium.

The first step is contacting an experience car accident attorney. They can a launch a thorough investigation to uncover the facts and provide a vigorous defense of your rights.

Connecticut residents shouldn’t hesitate to get started. The State imposes a two-year statute of limitations on all personal injury lawsuits. Failure to act promptly could mean permanently forfeiting the right to legal recourse.