Multi-vehicle accident sends nine to the hospital

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While we all live in the Northeast, we live in a much less congested area than our numbers closer to the coast. And, sometimes, this may lull us into a false sense of security on our roadways. But, locals and tourists alike should always be on guard when driving on any roads or highways because they are never safe, regardless of the amount of congestion. This, unfortunately, appears to be the case for nine auto accident victims that were taken to the hospital last Tuesday.

The auto accident report

According to the Berlin Fire Department, three vehicles were involved in a roll over auto accident at New Park Drive and Berlin Turnpike in Berlin, Connecticut. The accident was so bad, fire departments from Berlin, East Berlin and South Kensington were dispatched, along with local police and ambulances. Two people had to be cutout of their vehicle, and in total, nine people were taken to two local hospitals. Unfortunately, at the time of reporting, the details of the auto accident have not been released, and witnesses or those with dashboard camera footage are encouraged to contact the Berlin Police Department.

What to do after an auto accident

The idea of being involved in such a horrific auto accident is scare for Hartford, Connecticut, residents. However, one way to lessen that fear is to have a plan for when one is inevitably involved in a car accident. First, get a dashboard camera (or two). Picture and video evidence of an accident is the best way to prove fault and hold negligent drivers accountable.

Next, after an accident, always call the police, even if one considers the accident minor. Never tell dispatchers that no one is injured because no one in the auto accident can say that for sure. Soft tissue injuries may take days to heal, and sometimes, the adrenaline of an accident can even hide bone breaks and head injuries. This is why the goal is always to get an ambulance and police officer to the scene. This will ensure that one gets immediate medical attention, and that a police report will be filed. Often, having that police report can be a determining factor on placing fault and recovering after an accident. After this, call an attorney.