What are the most frequent causes of wrongful death?

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In Connecticut, people must know that they can be in an accident at any time. With that, they should be aware of the most common causes of fatal accidents to have a chance at avoiding them. After one has happened, though, it is imperative for those left behind to know the options available to them.

These are the top five causes of wrongful death

It is useful to be cognizant of the five most common ways in which people lose their lives other than by natural causes. First, car accidents are obvious as these unfortunate incidents happen every day. The biggest catalysts are people who drive distracted, exceed the speed limit, drive recklessly, or are under the influence. Next, pedestrians, motorcyclists, and bicyclists are in a similar category as car accidents except these people are unprotected and can suffer greater damage in a collision.

Third, medical malpractice can occur in myriad ways and could be missed by those impacted by it. If a doctor fails to conduct a necessary test, a nurse misreads a medication dosage or a person is simply misdiagnosed, it could lead to wrongful death. Fourth, workplace accidents can lead to fatalities. When lapses happen, injuries and death do too. Finally, dangerous products can cause untimely death. Those who purchase or use a product expect it to be tested and safe. If it is not, there should be a recall. However, some companies lack vigilance or accidents happen before the recall can be initiated.

Assessing the circumstances of wrongful death may require assistance

Losing a loved one unexpectedly will have far-ranging ramifications. While it is difficult, it is imperative to gather evidence and determine what happened. This could be crucial for a possible case.