Car vs. motorcycle accidents

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An “accident is an accident” is logic that might not apply to certain vehicle collisions. Cars and motorcycles are not the same from a design and operation perspective. Anyone who glances at the two realizes the differences. However, the variances may extend to Connecticut personal injury claims.

Auto accidents vs. motorcycle accidents

The law does not fundamentally change regarding differences between motorcycle and car collisions. The law’s definition of negligence remains in place, but juries might have biases. Someone who believes motorcyclists are reckless could assume the motorcyclist was at fault, even though a car’s driver was the only person to commit a moving violation before the crash.

Unfortunately, some motorcyclists have bad riding habits, such as ill-advisably sharing lanes between vehicles. Doing so could increase the chances of an accident.

And motorcyclists take greater injury risks, on average. A motorcycle does not provide enclosures, airbags, and steel frames that protect a car’s driver from harm. So, motorcyclists may suffer terribly worse injuries, regardless of who is at fault.

Ironically, a negligent motorcyclist might cause a crash that inflicts minor damages on a car’s driver but suffers life-altering injuries after falling off the motorcycle. The car’s driver may sue for a small sum, while the motorcyclist may have no personal injury case.

Each case is different

Reviewing general differences between car and motorcycle collisions could be informative. However, in motor vehicle accident lawsuits, the court and jury only concern themselves with the specific case. What other drivers and motorcyclists do on average has no bearing.

The court reviews evidence, including witness statements, photos, and police reports, along with medical records to support injury claims. An insurance investigator would likely do the same. The core questions brought up during the investigation center on who caused the accident and how much did the victims suffer?