What are the most common types of catastrophic injuries?

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Catastrophic injuries can affect Connecticut residents without even a moment’s notice. These injuries are often severe and life-changing. These are the most common catastrophic injuries.

Brain injuries

Traumatic brain injuries or TBIs can range from mild to severe. Many people suffer from concussions when they sustain a TBI, but in more severe cases, victims can suffer from permanent disability. They might experience cognitive impairment, anxiety, mood swings, difficulty concentrating and memory loss. A brain injury should always be treated immediately.

Spinal cord injuries

Spinal cord injuries are commonly sustained in serious car accidents. They can result in paralysis, pain, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. If a person suffers from quadriplegia as a result of a severe spinal cord injury, numerous bodily functions might suffer. This can result in breathing difficulties, incontinence and other problems.

Nerve damage

Many types of serious accidents can result in nerve damage injuries. When you suffer from nerve damage, it can prevent the nerves from effectively sending signals to the brain. As a result, you may no longer have sensation, which can be dangerous. In serious cases, you might have a continuous feeling of shock or muscle weakness in the affected area.

Eye injuries

Eye injuries are often mild and temporary. However, some can be more serious and permanent, resulting in blindness or even the loss of an eye. An accident that results in an object penetrating the eye can have devastating results. Blindness can also result if toxic chemicals get into a person’s eyes. No matter what the cause, if a person experiences a severe eye injury, it can change the rest of their life.

Serious injuries can occur as a result of car accidents, a slip and fall or even intentional acts of violence. If you suffered due to someone else’s actions or negligence, you will want to hold them accountable.