Traumatic brain injuries can impact the entire family

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A traumatic brain injury doesn’t affect only the victim. It can significantly impact their families as well. These injuries have extensive economic costs and social impacts that affect entire communities as well.

A closer look at the symptoms of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) helps to explain why their impact is so far-reaching.

TBIs can impact victims physically, emotionally and cognitively. As a practical matter, this can mean they are no longer able to work for a living, or at least unable to do the kind of work they did before the injury. This can lead to serious financial impacts on victims and their families.

Cognitive problems

TBIs can create cognitive problems for victims including difficulty thinking clearly, reduced comprehension and difficulty concentrating. Many TBI sufferers have trouble communicating, remembering information or learning new things. Victims may also have challenges with their motor skills, hearing and vision. These can include problems with coordination and balance and weakness in their arms and legs. These symptoms cause problems not only at work, but in the home as well. They can create a big strain on families.

Emotional problems

In addition to cognitive and physical impairments, victims can also suffer emotional problems and mood disruptions. This can lead to nervousness and anxiety and feelings of sadness, depression and anger. In some cases, these issues are tied to behavioral problems. Victims may experience personality changes and may have trouble controlling their behavior.

When a TBI is the result of a car accident

TBIs can wreak havoc on victims and their families. Victims may feel like they do not know themselves following a TBI and their family members may feel the same. TBIs can leave victims unable to work at the same time that they face enormous costs for medical treatment. Victims and their families should understand that they may be able to recover compensation for damages following a car accident caused by a negligent driver that leads to a traumatic brain injury.