Why tired truck drivers are so dangerous

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2022 | Truck accidents |

Connecticut ruck drivers who are tired are statistically more likely to get into accidents while traveling. In some cases, they may actually fall asleep while operating their vehicles, which may prevent them from staying in the proper lane or slowing down prior to a collision. However, commercial operators can still pose a danger to others even if they don’t fall asleep behind the wheel.

It can be difficult to process information

When a driver is tired, it may be harder to remember their exact location or what needs to happen when approaching a traffic control device. The motorist may also fail to comprehend the need to stop or slow down after noticing others also stopping or slowing down. Ultimately, this could result in making a sudden turn, driving through a red light or failing to brake prior to a collision with a person, car or object.

It can be hard to maintain a lane

Regardless of what type of vehicle a motorist is operating, it’s important to stay in the proper lane. Generally speaking, slower traveling vehicles stay to the right while faster vehicles stay to the left. Furthermore, those who are going one direction typically stay on one side of the highway while those who are going the other direction stay on the other side of the highway. Failing to stay in the proper lane could result in a motor vehicle accident involving multiple injuries or fatalities.

Driving while tired is like driving drunk

Research has shown that driving while tired is roughly the same as driving with a blood alcohol content of .10. At this rate, it can be difficult for a person to regulate emotions, properly evaluate risks of to control major muscle groups.

If you are hurt in an accident caused by a negligent commercial driver, you may be entitled to compensation. Video footage, driver statements and other evidence may be used to establish that the accident was caused by someone who was too tired to drive when the wreck took place.