Dealing with an acute spinal cord injury

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Spinal cord injuries are among the most catastrophic and life-changing for Connecticut residents. If you believe you have an acute spinal cord injury after being in an accident, there are certain symptoms you might experience.

Understanding acute spinal cord injury

An acute spinal cord injury occurs when a person suffers trauma to the spine and nerves in the area cannot effectively communicate between the brain and other parts of the body. The injury can cause a bruise, partial tear or complete tear of the spinal cord and is more common in males. It could be an incomplete injury that affects one side or area of the body or a complete injury, which affects both sides of the body.

Causes of acute spinal cord injury

Many things could cause an acute spinal cord injury. However, the one thing all causes share in common is that they result in trauma or compression of the spine. Car accidents, falls, high-contact sports, acts of violence and birth injuries can lead to the development of an acute spinal cord injury.

Symptoms of acute spinal cord injury

Depending on the area affected and its severity, there are different symptoms a person can experience with an acute spinal cord injury. However, when vertebrae higher up are impacted, symptoms are worse. The individual may have trouble breathing due to difficulty in the respiratory muscles. If the lumbar vertebrae are affected, it can result in difficulty controlling the bladder and bowels as well as walking.

Other symptoms include spasticity, digestive issues, weakness, tingling or paralysis of the limbs or trunk, blood pressure and heart rate problems and sexual dysfunction.

Spinal cord injuries always require immediate medical attention. In some cases, a person affected needs a lifetime of care.