Car accidents and pain levels

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2022 | Motor vehicle accidents, Serious injuries |

If you’re involved in an accident in Connecticut, the type of injury that you sustain could be just one factor in the pain level that you experience. Here are just a few types of pain that can be common as a result of accidents whether they are rollovers or minor fender benders.


From hitting your head on the dashboard or a sudden jar, head pain can be one of the most common types of pain as a result of car accidents with any age being at risk. There could be a strain on the muscles in the neck, which can lead to headaches that linger for days, weeks, or even months. You could also sustain damage to your skull or brain, which can result in not only severe pain but significant bleeding or long-lasting physical and mental damage.


After an accident, various joints could be impacted depending on how your body reacts and moves around. Your knees could be injured by hitting them on the dashboard while your shoulders could be injured by hitting them on the door’s window or the interior of the car. These injuries could cause pain that might not show until a few days after the accident, especially if there is swelling or other injuries that take the focus away from these areas of the body.


Since your seatbelt goes across your stomach, this is an area of your body where you might experience quite a bit of pain after an accident. You could also notice swelling, bruising, and possibly internal bleeding that could make other areas of your body begin to hurt as well.

Any type of car accident can result in various types of injuries and pain levels that should be monitored for treatment.