Motorcycle crashes may cause serious injuries

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2023 | Motor vehicle accidents |

If you are involved in an accident while riding your motorcycle in Connecticut, you may experience significant injuries. These injuries may be severe enough that you’ll need several surgeries to recover fully. Of course, you may only be able to recover fully if you seek treatment promptly after a wreck.

The importance of timely treatment

Seeking treatment immediately after an accident may make it possible to save fingers, toes or entire limbs that may have been damaged in the wreck. It may also enable you to recover from a pulled muscle, an internal injury or other ailments with treatments that don’t involve surgery or amputation. In addition to minimizing the damage done to your body, going to the doctor or a hospital after a wreck makes it possible to obtain medical records linking your injuries to the crash.

You may be entitled to compensation

The defendant in your case may be liable for the cost of any medical treatment you might need after a motorcycle wreck. Additional parties may also be liable depending on the facts of your case. If your bike was damaged in the crash, you might also obtain compensation to repair or replace it. The cost of mental health services or other costs related to your wreck may also be included in a settlement or jury award.

Ideally, you will seek treatment after a crash even if you feel fine. This is because your body may mask the symptoms of severe injuries for hours or days after a crash. If you plan on taking legal action against the other driver in your case, state law gives you two years from the crash date to file a lawsuit.