Fatal accidents 22 times as likely for motorcyclists

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No matter what vehicle you drive, you could be involved in a fatal accident caused by another driver. This is always a risk in the United States, with more than 40,000 people passing away annually in car crashes. You can do everything correctly yourself and still get injured due to someone else’s negligence.

That said, the odds that this will happen are not the same for every type of vehicle. For example, it is 22 times as likely that a motorcyclist will pass away in a crash, as compared to those using other types of vehicles. Even if it was two or three times as likely for motorcyclists to be killed in accidents, it would be worth thinking carefully about this mode of transportation. But when statistics show this outcome is 22 times as likely, motorcyclists face an overwhelming risk.

Why is the risk level so high?

Part of the issue is that motorcyclists are often at the mercy of drivers around them. For example, a left-turn accident is one of the most common motorcycle crashes. This happens if someone else turns in front of the motorcycle, so the rider probably can’t avoid it.

But the biggest issue is just that motorcyclists don’t have very much protection from serious injuries. Cars have steel frames, crumple zones, seatbelts and numerous airbags, all designed to protect the people within the vehicle. A motorcyclist may have a helmet, but the vehicle itself does not do anything to keep them safe.

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