The timeline of a truck accident claim

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Many Connecticut truck accident victims wonder how long it will take to resolve their claims. The timeline for a truck accident case will depend on multiple factors, including the complexity of the crash, the severity of the injuries the victim suffered, how long it takes for the victim to reach their maximum medical improvement, and others. There are specific steps that must be completed before a truck accident claim can be resolved.

Injuries and reaching maximum medical improvement

Collisions involving commercial trucks are often among the most severe types of motor vehicle accidents. The severity of a victim’s injuries will affect how long it might take to settle a claim. A large part of calculating the value of a claim is being able to calculate the total past medical expenses and the future medical bills that will likely be needed. For this reason, truck accident victims might need to undergo treatment until they reach their maximum medical improvement, which is the point at which they are unlikely to recover any further. The timeline of a truck accident claim might be shorter when the injuries are less severe.

Investigations and gathering evidence

Both the victim’s attorney and the trucking carrier will investigate what happened and gather evidence. This process is necessary for determining liability and identifying additional parties that might have contributed to the accident’s cause. Investigating a serious truck accident can take several months and might require the help of investigators and accident reconstruction experts. The victim’s attorney might also need to send preservation letters to ensure critical evidence will not be lost or spoliated.

Once the accident has been thoroughly investigated, evidence has been gathered, and the victim has reached maximum medical improvement, the claim can be properly valued. At that point, both sides can engage in negotiations to try to settle the claim. If an agreement can’t be reached, the case might need to be litigated in court, which could add months or even a few years to the timeline of the claim.