Empowerment: responding forcefully in the wake of a car accident

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Most drivers who routinely negotiate Connecticut’s varied streets and roadways do so with due care and competence. That is, they look out for others as well as themselves when they are behind the wheel and out in traffic.

Sadly, though, that is not uniformly the case. Some motorists promote danger rather than safety every time they turn the key. Their broad-based negligent behaviors instantly put everyone around them at risk of a collision and injury.

Those who are vulnerable to third-party carelessness or indifference comprise a wide audience. Other drivers and occupants in passenger vehicles are at risk. So too are motorcyclists, bicycle riders and pedestrians.

Crash-causing catalysts are both multiple and varied, a sad fact that we duly note at the proven Hartford personal injury law firm of Brignole, Bush and Lewis. Common factors include the following negligent behaviors:

  • Reckless behavior like speeding, tailgating and excessive lane weaving
  • Drunk driving
  • Distracted driving (e.g., texting, grooming, playing with pets)
  • Failure to keep a vehicle in minimally safe condition

Notably, too, factors like faulty road design and linked conditions such as defective surfacing and dangerously employed work zones also contribute to adverse accident outcomes.

Injury victims are anything but helpless in the wake of a negligence-tied accident result. Acting purposefully following a crash is often an empowering act for claimants and their families. Obtaining a maximum money recovery assigns accountability and helps to deter similar wrongdoing in the future.

And, importantly, it secures resources to pay for medical expenses, apply toward future therapy/rehabilitation and recoup lost wages.

An injury victim must act smartly and often quickly following a motor vehicle accident. An established team of empathetic and results-driven attorneys can play an integral role in securing an optimal post-crash legal outcome.