Your accident can impact your entire family

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2024 | Motor vehicle accidents |

If you have been hurt in an accident, you might not be able to work or take part in other favorite pastimes. You may also have to move out of your Connecticut home and into a friend or family member’s house. Of course, this may be just one way in which your injuries impact those who care about you the most.

The emotional impact

A spouse may long for the days in which you were a happy and healthy person who enjoyed traveling or going to breakfast on Sunday mornings. Your children may miss the parent who told jokes or was always there to help with homework or taught them how to drive a car. Your parents may be sad to see their child stripped of the ability to become an athlete or business leader.

The physical impact

Your spouse may be required to dress, feed or otherwise take care of your after your accident. This can take a physical toll even on those who are relatively healthy as you’ll likely need constant care throughout the day. The physical impact may be even more pronounced if your spouse, child or other caregivers are older and more prone to injury themselves.

The financial impact

If your injuries require you to retire or find work that pays less, it may be harder to make mortgage, car or other payments. Your spouse may need to find a job or be content downsizing to a smaller home. Your family may also have to deal with medical and legal fees related to your case. Even if a settlement is awarded, it may not be enough to avoid going into credit card debt or incurring other debts to make ends meet while your case progresses.