What to do following a car accident

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Connecticut roadways can be dangerous places. Though Connecticut is among the safer states to drive, car accidents are still just as stressful. Knowing what to do immediately following a car accident can help drivers stay safe and prepare themselves for dealing with insurance companies, and potentially the courts.

Connecticut drivers can prepare themselves for a car accident by understanding the accident reporting process and the legal implications of an accident.

Post-accident guidelines

The following steps will help motorists organize information after an accident, as well as make sure all relevant parties are informed:

  • Remain on the scene: It may be confusing or scary following an accident, but it is important those involved in an accident stay. Leaving before sharing information or informing the authorities may result in a hit and run charge.
  • Check for injuries: Check the passengers and other drivers for injuries and call an ambulance if needed. Offer help to those in need.
  • Report the accident: In Connecticut, all accidents should be reported to the police within five days. Drivers should report accidents that cause injury or damage over $1,000 immediately. Drivers should also inform their insurance companies, but only after the next step.
  • Exchange information: Give the other drivers your name, address, phone number, drivers’ license number, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), license plate number, and car insurance information. Collect the same from them. Speak little of the accident and do not apologize.
  • Collect evidence of the crash: Take plenty of photos and videos of the scene. Having this evidence on hand will help determine liability and damages in the resulting legal case.

Once these steps are complete, check with any authorities on the scene that it is okay to leave. Inform the car insurance policy carrier of the accident. They will send a claims adjustor to investigate the case.

Assess the cases with an attorney

Many drivers involved in an accident find that securing help with a layer experienced in personal injury and car accidents can help with the legal paperwork, settlement agreements and working with law enforcement and insurance carriers. An attorney can also assess a potential liability claim and will work to secure an equitable settlement. a