Not all brain injuries are because of trauma

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When people in Connecticut think of a brain injury, the first thing that may come to their minds is a blow or some other injury to the head.

These sorts of injuries are called traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs. They can happen from another reason, from a blow to or shaking of the head in a car accident to a gunshot wound. Repeated trauma to the head can also cause a TBI.

Even a so-called mild traumatic brain injury can cause significant problems to the patient in the short term or even permanently. A TBI can cause problems with one’s mental health, coordination, speech and cognitive patterns.

However, not all brain injuries happen because of trauma. The other type of brain injury, called an acquired brain injury, sometimes arise because of an unexpected medical condition, like a tumor, a stroke, or a neurological disease.

In some cases, though, an acquired brain injury can also be the fault of a negligent person.

For example, anoxic brain injuries and hypoxic brain injuries develop when the brain receives either no oxygen or insufficient oxygen, respectively. The end result of these types of injuries is the same as that of a traumatic brain injuries.

At worst, a person may spend the rest of his or her life in a vegetative state or needing constant medical and personal care.

Anoxic and hypoxic injuries are often preventable. For instance, near drownings often happen in swimming pools or other facilities that are not safe. Toxins can also cause a brain injury, as can a medical error.

As with traumatic brain injuries, a victim who suffered an acquired brain injury may be able to obtain compensation from the person or business responsible for the loss.