Fatal Simsbury car accident still under investigation

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Especially in our less dense areas, our roadways can seem relatively clear. However, we should never lose our vigilance on the road because, regardless of the time of day, Hartford roads can become dangerous in an instance. Unfortunately, one such example took place last Tuesday.

Double-fatal car accident

According to the Simsbury Police Department, the collision involved three cars around 5:00 p.m. The accident killed two of the three drivers, but luckily there were no passengers. And, the driver of the third vehicle escaped with only minor injuries.

The impacts happened near the Bloomfield line on Simsbury Road, also known as Route 185. This is near both the Talcott Mountain and Penwood state parks, and the road was closed for hours during the initial accident.

While the road has long since opened, the North Central Municipal Accident Reconstruction Squad and SPD are still investigating the accident. As a result, it is unclear what actually, and those that may have witnessed the accident or captured it on their dashboard camera should contact the SPD immediately.

Options after accidents

While the facts of this case are unknown, it is highly likely at least one of these driver’s caused the accident. And, whomever that driver is, can be held accountable for their actions through either a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit.

This is why Hartford, Connecticut, residents injured and the families of those that are killed should contact an attorney immediately. An attorney can actually do their own investigation, but they can also contact the investigative agencies to understand the fact. Once those facts are known, the attorney will give accident victims and their families their options.