Connecticut implements new laws to prevent auto accidents

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One of the most common causes for unexpected injuries and death in Connecticut is an auto accident. This can happen to drivers, passengers, motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians. Even if the person is fortunate enough to survive a collision, there may be major injuries that lead to exorbitant medical expenses, the inability to work and stress on a family as they seek to navigate the new normal. When there is a fatality, those left behind will feel the personal, financial and emotional impact from an unexpected and unnecessary death. The state is cognizant of these challenges and is taking steps to try and make the roads safer. Still, even with newly implemented laws, auto crashes can occur. People should be aware of the options after an unfortunate accident.

Vision Zero strives to reduce collisions and enhance safety

Connecticut has put into practice Vision Zero. This is a tactic that is taking hold across the nation and is meant to reduce the number of fatal bicycle and pedestrian accidents to zero. Among the enhancements are allowing local officials the chance to speak out about speed limits and road safety in their areas. It will also increase the fines that distracted drivers pay if they are caught. Specifically, the new laws will address drivers’ ability to see; illegal cannabis possession; bus right-of-way on the road; crosswalk safety; and the higher fines for distracted driving.

Regarding distracted driving fines, if it is a first offense, the driver will pay $200. Previously, it was $150. A second violation increases the fine from $300 to $375. A third or subsequent violation goes from $500 to $625. Crosswalks are known to be a dangerous location for pedestrians. Frequently, this is because of turning vehicles, but if drivers roll through stop signs and traffic lights or outright ignore pedestrians, this too can cause an accident. Now, drivers must yield if a pedestrian is in the crosswalk; raises their hand as they step into the crosswalk signifying that they plan to cross; or shows they intend to cross by placing any body part into the crosswalk. Before this, drivers were only obligated to stop if the pedestrian has already stepped into the crosswalk.

Even with new safety laws, the roads are treacherous

Although Vision Zero is a noble effort and the increased fines for behaviors like distracted driving might have an impact, the sad reality is that many drivers will continue to act irresponsibly on the road and cause auto accidents. A key after a collision is to know how and why it happened as this can be essential with moving forward. From the start, it is wise to have assistance from those experienced in accidents and know how to investigate them to determine the cause. Consulting with professionals is beneficial and should be done as soon as possible to have a good chance at a successful outcome.