Occupational hazards to be aware of

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Becoming injured in Connecticut can easily happen on the job if you and your coworkers are not careful. Some workplaces present more risks for injury than others, so your employer needs to put adequate protections in place to prevent injuries.

Biological hazards

Biological hazards show as dangerous substances. Professionals who work in factories might encounter animal feces, and workers in a mine are exposed to the hazard of airborne coal. Employers need to provide protective equipment against these hazards.

Work organization

The hazards derived from a company’s organization relate to how people are treated. Serious harm can happen if managers, for example, don’t value their employees. Due to discrimination, a single employee can be exposed to severe risks.


Something as simple as the way you sit can cause a serious injury. Offices that work long hours but don’t have the right equipment create a risk to employees. How a building is designed and the quality of chairs are all factors behind ergonomic hazards.


Chemical hazards come in solid, liquid and gas forms. These hazards can corrode the skin, inflame the lungs or cause blindness. A serious injury can happen from chemical hazards if employees are unaware of them. Employees need to be trained on handling these substances.


It’s of utmost importance to ensure that work spaces are clean and clear. Safety hazards exist when employers don’t take precautions. When a serious injury results from a safety hazard, it may be due to the negligence of the employer. They are required to maintain basic safety.

Even when the injury was purely by accident, you must check that your employer-provided safe conditions. When the fault is not yours, you have the right to workers’ compensation or a personal injury claim.