Men and distracted driving crashes

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At some point, virtually every driver becomes distracted. Unexpected noise or something visually out-of-the-ordinary could draw attention away from the road ahead. Others find themselves distracted repeatedly due to bad habits, such as eating or combing their hair while driving. Near misses might not be enough to lead someone to stop distracting behaviors, which is one reason why Connecticut accidents happen. Many of these distracted driving accidents seem to involve men more than women.

Studies about men and distracted driving

Both men and women find themselves involved in distracted driving. However, accident statistics reveal that male drivers were overwhelmingly behind the wheel in many fatal collisions. Per the NHTSA, out of 3,000 fatal accidents caused by distracted driving, male drivers accounted for 75% of the vehicle operators.

Concerns may arise about why men and women could be responsible for distracted driving incidents. Making phone calls and sending text messages while operating a vehicle is dangerous, and the practice has led to accidents. However, statistics reveal that smartphone use is not the most overwhelming cause of distraction-related collisions. Perhaps awareness campaigns about texting and driving led people to acknowledge the danger.

Other bad habits appear more challenging to break. Reading an infotainment screen, conversing with passengers and occupying the hands with unessential tasks all contribute to distracted driving crashes.

Paying a legal price for distracted driving

When a driver drinks coffee and gets into a heated discussion with a passenger, the driver might not see a construction worker holding up a stop sign. If the driver goes through the sign and causes an accident, the driver’s behavior could establish negligence. The legal fallout from car accidents depends on the harm inflicted, and the harm could yield a wrongful death.

Anyone injured by a distracted driver may file a personal injury lawsuit. The legal action might allow victims to recover compensation for their losses.