What are common injuries that occur after truck accidents?

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Companies transport their items throughout the country. Instead of putting these products on a plane, many companies choose to have large commercial trucks transport these items. While trucks are convenient ways to move goods throughout Connecticut, their drivers aren’t immune to crashing into other vehicles. With that in mind, here’s more information about common injuries that can happen after a truck accident.

Broken bones

Considering the size and speed of large trucks, they tend to collide with other vehicles with great force. Unfortunately, this impact combined with the fast-warping metal of your automobile can lead to accident victims having their bones broken. These types of post-accident injuries can take anywhere from four to 20 weeks to fully heal.


Another common injury that happens after motor vehicle accidents is whiplash. This condition happens when someone’s neck whips forward violently. Unfortunately, large trucks have more than enough weight to cause whiplash to any driver they may collide into. Whiplash typically lasts for a few weeks to a few months and heals on its own.

Traumatic brain injury

It’s also possible for people in truck accidents to deal with a traumatic brain injury (TBI). A few symptoms of TBI can include feeling confused or having blurred vision. While these injuries are treatable, seeking medical care right away is a must. By doing this, medical professionals can run tests to determine the severity of your injuries and what treatments are necessary.

In closing, many injuries can happen after a truck hits your vehicle. If you’re able to, get to a safe place away from traffic after this incident. It’s also a good idea to contact emergency services, as these accidents often cause many injuries.