What are the biggest road risks for motorcycle riders?

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2022 | Motor vehicle accidents |

Most Connecticut motorcycle riders try to be as safe as possible. However, even while taking precautions, there are still risks on the road.

Drivers of larger vehicles

A big risk to motorcycle riders on the road are drivers of cars and other larger vehicles. Whether it involves failing to see the motorcycle or failing to yield the right of way, drivers often pose significant danger to riders. Many motorcycle accidents occur because of drivers disregarding the rights of motorcyclists.

Poor road conditions

Poor road conditions such as uneven surfaces can put motorcycle riders in danger of skidding out. In some cases, road construction can also pose risks to riders. A rider could end up hitting an unseen pothole and get into an accident as they lose control of their motorcycle.

Debris or slick surfaces on the road

If a motorcycle is traveling on the road and hits a rock, sand or other debris on the road, it could result in a serious motorcycle crash. A rider can also lose traction if the road is slick from oil, rain or ice. Danger can occur in these situations even if the rider travels at slower speeds as the motorcycle could jam on debris or skid on slippery surfaces.

Side roads

Side roads pose dangers to motorcycle riders because another vehicle could appear without a moment’s notice. When riders anticipate traffic, slow down and remain alert while checking the side road, they could be better prepared for a vehicle entering the main road.


Intersections are also dangerous for motorcyclists. All types of road hazards may be present at once. Right-of-way is often an issue when there are multiple traffic lights allowing vehicles to proceed. Stay alert and follow all rules of the road to avoid an accident.