Drinking and driving consequences

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2023 | Motor vehicle accidents |

After enjoying a few alcoholic beverages, you might think that it’s alright to drive because you believe that you don’t feel intoxicated. However, there are some dangers to consider that could put you and the other drivers on the roads of Connecticut at risk of an accident.

Making decisions

One of the common dangers associated with drunk driving that can lead to car accidents is inhibited decision-making. You might think that you can use your phone while driving or try to make it through a light that is yellow instead of stopping and waiting for it to cycle through to get back to green. It could also be difficult to make decisions about your speed and how to stay in your lane.

Reaction time

Your reaction time could decrease after drinking, which could result in not being able to slow down soon enough to avoid an accident. There could be an animal that darts across the road or a person walking in a crosswalk, and your coordination skills could be impaired in such a way that you hit them.

Legal issues

In the event that you’re suspected of driving while intoxicated by a police officer, then you could be stopped. This could result in being arrested, which could then lead to charges on your criminal record. These charges might end in you being sentenced to jail or being placed on probation, which could hinder your ability to work or spend time with family and friends.

While drinking is a common pastime for many people, there can be ramifications for your decisions if you choose to drink and drive. It’s best not to take a chance and to get a ride home with a friend or through a ride-share service if you’ve been drinking.