What are whiplash associated disorders?

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The outcome of a motor vehicle accident in Connecticut can sometimes involve whiplash-associated disorders. These can come about as the result of sudden acceleration or deceleration during a crash. Common symptoms include stiffness, severe pain, muscle spasms, and headaches.

Can you recover from whiplash-associated disorders?

Whiplash associated disorders can be difficult to recover from. Medical experts view the general prognosis as unpredictable. Many patients will ultimately experience a full recovery. On the other hand, some may continue to experience stiffness, pain, and disability for the rest of their lives.

The recommendation for treatment in cases like these involves an early intervention program. Patients who suffer from this condition are usually prescribed rest and pain care. They are assigned basic stretching exercises to get them back into shape as they recover.

Treatment for these injuries is essential

Whiplash and whiplash-associated disorders are some of the most common crash injuries. If not treated in time, they can lead to damaging results that may be permanent. These can include chronic pain, lasting disability, and depression.

Women are more prone to injuries of this type than men. This is because of the difference in the structure of their spinal column. Women also tend to have less muscle tissue. The result is that they have less of a buffer to protect them. Their shorter stature may also afford them less protection from car and SUV headrests.

Whiplash injuries are often caused by the neck being snapped forward and backward during a crash. They are usually experienced as the result of motor vehicle accidents, although they can also form the outcome of other types of accidents. People who have been involved in crashes are advised to seek treatment immediately.