Repeat reasons for vehicle collisions in Connecticut

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2023 | Motor vehicle accidents |

Vehicle collisions are common on Connecticut roads, and many repeated reasons contribute to the crashes. Drivers could examine these causes to educate themselves on more effective defensive driving. Such steps might be helpful, but defensive driving has its limitations. A reckless driver may cause a deadly crash because of their behavior.

Crashes and their causes

The sheer number of crashes per year in the United States may surprise the average driver. Each year, 6.5 million crashes occur. These collisions led to a substantial number of deaths and injuries. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) logs these figures and reviews why they happen.

Two reasons unsurprisingly contribute to many car accidents: speeding and distracted driving. Speeding remains a reckless and unsafe practice under any circumstances. Posted speed limits exist for a reason, and drivers who violate speeding laws put themselves and others in danger. When a vehicle moves too fast, it becomes harder to stop and might inflict more damage on impact. So, speeding remains a notoriously reckless act.

Distracted driving takes numerous forms, with texting or talking on a cell phone ranking the most dangerous. However, conversing with a passenger or drinking coffee while driving could divert attention enough to lead to an accident. Drivers must concentrate on the road, but even momentary attention drifts happen, raising dangers.

Car accidents and liability claims

Various other reasons will factor into why so many motor vehicle accidents happen. Drunk and impaired driving continues to plague public roadways. Many drivers take to the wheel when too tired to safely operate a vehicle. When people cause accidents because of recklessness, they could face liability claims.

The aftermath of an automobile accident might result in civil claims. Filing a lawsuit to recover lost wages, medical costs, and other expenses is one option. Filing an insurance claim is another, as an insurance settlement could result in a faster conclusion. Those seeking punitive damages may need to pursue a lawsuit, though.