Top candy choices and caution urged for Halloween

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If you are planning on stocking up on candy for Hartford’s little ghosts and ghouls for Halloween, you may be interested in the top candy picks for the Nutmeg State. According to one wholesale candy retailer,, it’s perhaps unsurprising that the go-to bar for most state residents is an Almond Joy, a candy bar first manufactured in New Haven by Peter Paul Candy Manufacturing Company.

Although now produced and owned by Hershey, the coconut and chocolate bars top sales in our state, with Milky Way candy bars and packs of M&Ms rounding out the top three spots. While that’s good information for shoppers to have, what is even more important to keep in mind is Halloween safety.

Motorists, watch out for trick-or-treaters

While Halloween night is traditionally the night for trick-or-treating, some towns and even neighborhoods adopt an earlier schedule. If drivers don’t celebrate Halloween or have kids of their own, they could be unaware of the increased pedestrian presence. Then, a momentary distraction could lead to a traumatic, even tragic event.  

Parents can help keep their kids safer on Halloween

When making or choosing costumes at the store, make sure that children’s costumes are short enough to allow them to navigate steps, curbs and streets without tripping and falling. It’s also a good idea to choose brightly colored costumes or attach fluorescent striping to anything black or dark-colored. The goal is to remain as visible as possible to oncoming traffic.

Also, there is no substitution for parental supervision with youngsters who are going house to house begging for treats. While older tweens may be safe in groups, parents still can hang back and observe from a distance.

When injuries occur

If your child is injured in a Halloween accident, seek medical attention immediately. Later, you can assess and evaluate your legal options to seek civil justice from the negligent driver who caused the accident.