Shoulder injuries often occur after car crashes

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2023 | Motor vehicle accidents, Serious injuries |

Each day, adults in Connecticut use their vehicles. Unfortunately, some of these individuals wind up involved in an automobile accident. Motor vehicle accidents can cause many types of bodily injuries, especially those involving your shoulders.

Bruised shoulders

While not typically life-threatening situations, motor vehicle accidents often cause their victims to bruise. Impact from airbag deployments, a tight seatbelt or other areas of the car’s interior can hit your shoulders with significant force. Whether it becomes immediately visible or takes a few hours to appear, this type of impact often causes shoulder bruises or contusions.

Damaged rotator cuffs

As its name implies, your shoulders feature a rotator cuff that helps with shoulder and arm mobility. A rotator cuff is the name given to a set of tendons that form together to cover your humerus or upper arm bone. Unfortunately, this body part can sustain damage in car accidents due to it tearing or slamming against your vehicle.

A dislocated shoulder

Vehicle accidents often cause severe shoulder injuries when drivers collide at high speeds. If this situation happens, the force of an automobile crash could pop a vehicle occupant’s shoulder out of its socket. This painful occurrence is otherwise known as a shoulder dislocation.

Fractured shoulders

The impact of a vehicle collision may also crack or fracture the bones that help make up your shoulders. As you likely know, fractured shoulders can be quite painful and take months to fully heal.

When shoulder injuries happen, injury victims know how life-disrupting, painful and expensive they are to treat. Fortunately, you can help prevent shoulder injuries by always driving safely.