5 common causes of auto accidents

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Many people don’t realize how often car accidents happen. Hundreds of thousands of people suffer greatly from auto accidents every year. An auto accident can lead to severe injuries and losses. 

Auto accidents can happen for many reasons. Here are five common examples:


Many people get frustrated when they drive. As a result, they may act aggressively toward other drivers. An aggressive driver, for example, may break check or tailgate others. Other drivers may not expect these actions and become victims in an accident. 


Drunk driving is a serious crime. Alcohol impairs drivers’ sense of speed and distance, their ability to make safe decisions and their vision. A drunk driver could speed through lights and stop signs and fail to notice other drivers.


There are a lot of dangers of driving at night. One danger that many people overlook is drowsiness. Drowsiness can be just as dangerous as drunk driving. Drowsy drivers may suffer from the same effects as drunk drivers. Drowsy drivers may even fall asleep behind the wheel.


One of the most common causes of auto accidents is distracted driving. A distracted driving accident happens when a driver looks away from the road, takes their hand off the wheel or thinks about anything other than driving. Many distracted driving accidents happen because the driver was texting.


Drivers must understand the laws and safe driving techniques. However, many drivers become too relaxed to the point that they become negligent, which can lead to accidents. For example, drivers who don’t use their turn signals may cause auto accidents. Or, a driver who brakes suddenly may cause the vehicle behind them to crash.

If you’re a victim of an auto accident, it may help to learn about your legal options.