The perilous impact of truck driver fatigue in Connecticut

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Truck owners put much pressure on drivers to meet tight delivery deadlines. Therefore, the drivers push their limits too high to meet these deadlines. As a result, they end up with more working hours and minimal rest time. This has a connection to increased fatigue, a leading cause of truck accidents. Collisions with commercial trucks are riskier due to their larger size and heavier weight.

Common causes of truck driver fatigue

Getting behind the wheel without enough sleep or breaks can lead to fatigue. However, many other elements can increase the dangers of truck driver fatigue. Some of these include:

Illness: Our bodies naturally crave rest after falling ill. Many illnesses, including the common cold or flu, can leave the driver desperately sleepy. Unfortunately, their tight schedules may lead to skipped rest breaks and increased fatigue.

Inebriation: Approximately 50% of truck drivers admit to alcohol use. This is even more in the United States. Inebriation due to both alcohol and drug use increases fatigue behind the wheel.

Medication use: Apart from illness and inebriation, some medications can also cause fatigue in truck drivers. These medicines cause sleepiness, which can increase fatigue-related accidents.

Working unusual shifts: Due to economic strains, truck drivers might decide to trade off a ride with their workmates to earn more. Though eager to work more, their bodies may struggle to adapt to extended wakefulness. As the drivers force themselves to meet unrealistic deadlines, fatigue sets in.

How to handle commercial truck-related accidents

Proving driver fatigue in an accident is never easy. Fatigue has no tangible evidence, unlike driving under the influence or speeding. In the event of a truck accident where it’s suspected it was fatigue-related, it’s advisable to consider legal recourse. Undertaking this process independently can be daunting. Therefore, enlisting the services of attorneys specializing in truck accidents is beneficial.

A tired driver finds it hard to control the vehicle. Hence, they are as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Truck firms must enforce safety and proper driver practices to avoid accidents.