The real dangers caused by fatigued truck drivers

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2024 | Motor vehicle accidents, Truck accidents |

Companies of all sizes transport products throughout Connecticut. Fortunately, most deliveries driven by truckers arrive safely and on time. However, due to fatigue, some drivers get involved in automobile accidents, and fatigue does far more than make someone feel tired – it affects the body and mind in many negative ways.

Slower reflex times

There’s almost nothing more important than having quick reflexes, especially while driving. Your reflexes control your vehicle’s speed, direction and other crucial factors. Unfortunately, fatigued drivers typically have slower reflexes than those who are well-rested. Poor reflexes caused by fatigue can cause truckers to miss turns, drift into the wrong lane or collide with other drivers.


You can likely recall dozing off before sleeping through the night. This phenomenon isn’t dangerous while sitting on the couch at home. However, microsleeps that happen while driving can be a major factor in Connecticut truck accidents. Falling asleep even for a moment can lead to accidents, resulting in injuries and fatalities. Unfortunately, due to the size of a commercial vehicle, accidents involving these trucks often result in severe injuries and fatalities for the driver and passengers in the smaller automobile.

Impaired decision making

Adjusting your speed limit, deciding when to turn, and monitoring traffic flow are all decisions you make while driving. You also hope other drivers make safe and mindful decisions behind the wheel. Whether due to illness, medication or working long hours, fatigued commercial truck drivers often make improper decisions behind the wheel.

When a driver feels excessively tired, they should find rest at the nearest possible location. Truck and rest stops are two notable places where truckers can rest to avoid fatigued driving.