Don’t Take Juvenile Crimes Lightly

It might be tempting to chalk up juvenile offenses as youthful indiscretions – something that every child goes through at one time or another. However, not all juvenile offenses are created equally. More serious offenses can lead to substantial penalties and could lead to continued problems later in life. Issues such as truancy, vandalism or criminal mischief can lead to headaches for the parents of the children involved, as well as having a financial impact if restitution is ordered.

Offenses such as underage drinking are often best handled by an attorney familiar with juvenile crimes defense and the criminal justice system. An award-winning lawyer from the Hartford firm of Brignole, Bush & Lewis is an intelligent choice to represent your son or daughter in trouble with the law.

We’ll Work Closely With Your Family

Being charged with a juvenile crime in Connecticut can be a sobering experience, not just for the minor in question but for that child’s parents. Our attorneys will work closely with parents to make sure they understand the seriousness of the situation, understand what the potential outcomes are and advise them of a strategy that will best suit their needs.

Juvenile cases may involve matters such as:

  • Underage drinking. While this offense is relatively common, criminal charges can have a great impact. The process of handling “minor in possession” charges can be stressful and impact a child’s schooling or extracurricular activities. Counseling or other kinds of treatment may be required.
  • Drug charges. For adults, drug charges are very serious, often resulting in mandatory jail time for some types of charges. Juveniles may have to appear in juvenile court and might have to undergo drug counseling.

Every case is different, so it is wise to contact an attorney. Reach Brignole, Bush & Lewis by calling 860-856-8361 or by emailing us your contact information.